Looking for a certain yarn

I was looking through my Stich’n’Bitch book the other day and found a project - the Loopy Velez Cowl.
I’ve found yarn I need on eBay; [B]Karabella Aurora 8 Yarn 100% Merino Wool #37 RICE.[/B]

The only problem is that I can only find wool that’s shipped from America. I live in Germany so I’m a bit worried about tax etc. when buying something online from the states (I’ve had my order sent back before). However, I’m going to England on the 26th and I’ll be visiting London. I’m sure they must have plenty of yarn shops in London, no?

So I was wondering if anyone knows where/if I can find this yarn[B](Karabella Aurora 8 Yarn 100% Merino Wool #37 RICE)[/B]??

Thank you for any help you can offer me. Maybe someone has a suggestion on a similar yarn I can use?

// Dea :aww:

You can look up that yarn at www.yarndex.com and see what it lists as the gauge, then click to find others the same gauge. That ought to give you a few yarns.

Hi Dea!
I went to Karabella’s website to see where their yarn is sold, but it only lists stores in the US, so I’m thinking you might not be able to find their yarn in London.

I also went to Ravelry and looked at what yarns other people used to make that project. Here are some of them–

Caron Simply Soft
Noro Aurora
Lionbrand Woolease
Plymouth Encore
Filatura di Crosa Zara
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

Since these are all worsted weight yarns, I’m sure you could easily find something to substitute.

And in London, worsted weight might be known as aran weight.

Thank you both very much! You’ve been a great help. Happy Christmas and Happy Knitting!

After much discussion with my friend in England and showing many types of yarn over skype. We have come to the conclusion that in the UK worsted weight is called double worsted weight. Aran is in a category all by itself.