Looking for a certain type of circulars

Hi all. Im looking to replace my cheap plastic circular needles. I’ve seen on some youtube vids a certain needle. It is dark in color - Im thinking I’ve seen a burgundy color. The cord part seems very flexible & doesn’t want to curl up like mine do.

Does anyone have an idea of what brand they might be?

Those tightly curled cables are so annoying. Sometimes running them past the stream of steam escaping from a whistling kettle is enough to relax them.
I wonder if you saw Knitter’s Pride needles. They’re available from many sources.

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I’ve decided that investing in good needles really makes life SO much easier and happier that, given the hours of time invested in any project, it’s worth it. I’d much rather spend my money on good needles than on buying clothes or some other luxury item! Ditto with yarn. I think the coloured needles probably are Knitters Pride. My very favourite both for the needles and for the wonderfully flexible cords are ChiaoGoo, though I know not everyone likes them. I’m seriously addicted to them!! Even the bamboo ones - I really far prefer metal usually - are wonderful; I’ve switched to them for working with a bouclé that was giving me trouble and actually find the less slippery surface easier for this particular Houdini-like escape artist!


I love addi needles, but if they are stored curled up they too take a while to uncurl. Maybe try soaking in hot water??


Thanks everyone. I will definitely try to find those knitters pride needles. I do have Addy lace needles & they don’t curl up as much as my cheap ones do. They don’t seem as flexible as the ones I saw tho. And the ChiaoGoo ones are on the list too.

You might be thinking of Knitter’s Pride Carbonz interchangeable needles. KP is a good brand. My favs are the KP Zing needles. They have nickel tips and an aluminum body. The sizes are color coded. It depends on what type you wish to use. I suggest buying one Carbonz maybe with a fixed cord. If you like it, then buy the interchangeable set.


I think it’s a really good idea, Fatoldladyinpjs1 (and I love your name!!!), to buy just one pair and try them; Carbonz are lovely, too. You don’t even need to buy a single pair with a fixed cord - if you find you like a particular brand you can then always add it to your interchangeable collection; I find it really useful to have extras in the sizes I use most often as I often have more than one project on the go at a time. Not sure about Knitters Pride but one thing I love about Chaiogoo is that you can get little cable links that can elongate your cord when you want it - really handy if you want to extend in the middle of a project, though of course just knitting onto a long cord works well anyway. The other thing I love is the little connector that lets you connect a ‘small’ end to a ‘large’ end (the little screwy bit that goes into the needle); that way you can have a smaller needle at one end and a larger one at the other, which is sometimes useful, say in Magic Loop sometimes. I expect all brands do these little connectors?

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Thnx Fatoldladyinpjs.
I have found an intro kit with 3 cables and 3 needles (couple of other things too) but the needle sizes are 6, 7, & 8. I knit almost everything on a size 4. So I looked into adding the size 4 needles but some reviews noted that the connectors varied in size - so the connectors might not work with #4s. So I had already decided trying a fixed circ might be best. Its only a couple of $$ less than the set tho.

I dont really care for metal points, but I will use them if I have nothing else handy.

Thanks for all the suggestions.