Looking for a cable pattern

I am wanting to try and do a cable swaeter but I need to find a real easy pattern as I have never really done a cable sweater before. The only cable thing I have ever done is made a hanging towel with a cable on it to try cables out and now I am willing and wanting to expand my horizons and try a sweater. So I am asking you experienced people for help with finding a pattern that will be easy to read for a beginner. I am looking for a pattern for a toddler any help will be greatly appreciated.

This one is fairly simple looking (I haven’t made it myself):

I have this one in my queue (this one has to be paid for unless you have the magazine). It’s got one simple cabled section and the rest is stockinette, and from looking at people’s FOs on Ravelry, it is flattering to a variety of shapes and sizes:

The Central Park Hoodie is very popular and you could do it without the hood if you want:

you can see thousands of pats on www.knittychick.com
www.knittingpatterncentral.com or sign up on Ravelry.com to see 10,000 + patterns there. You will probably have to look through to see which patterns are at a beginner level.