Looking for a book to read? Try this----

I am on the 3rd chapter and I can tell already it’s an amazing book… a true story of one mans fight to help the people, especially children, of northern Pakistan and surrounding areas.

The book is Three Cups of Tea. There is a short bio about Greg Mortenson on this site. Here’s his website for the Central Asia Institute.

ETA: I just found he has another website. http://www.gregmortenson.com/welcome.php
Unfortunately they do not accept anything other than money so no knitted items. :frowning: I’m not asking anyone to donate either, I just thought this was a great book.

Thank you! I saw this the other day and almost bought it, I’m glad to hear it’s good so I can go back and scoop it up.

I just finished a novel called “The Knitting Circle.” It was…well not all that great actually, but good read-it-in-one-day “potato chip” reading. :thumbsup:

I’ve read this and I think it’s a FABULOUS book. CAI is now on my list of potential charities - it’s a way to help women around the world and fits with my educational interests. Fascinating stuff.

i will buy them! yay more books! bump! i think this is awesome!