Looking For A Blanket Pattern

My children love the Nick Jr. show called Oobi. My daughter sings along with all the songs and has learned several things from the show.

The reason I’m posting is as follows: There was an episode called Uma Sick, where Oobi’s little sister gets a cold. She has a really pretty knitted blanket with her; it’s a pastel/white colour. The blanket is always on her bed whenever they’re in the bedroom as well.

I would love to make this blanket; any help finding a pattern for it would be greatly appreciated.


Is this it?

From this video, all I can tell is it looks like garter stitch. It also looks like it’s varigated pastel baby colors.

Unless you can find a better pic of the blanket, I’d suggest a blanket based on grandma’s dishcloth: http://www.groupepp.com/dishbout/kpatterns/grfavorite.html

That’s the episode, but it’s in poor detail. The blanket itself has a kind of wave pattern to it with yarn overs and such (I’m sorry I’m not that great with descriptions). I’ll see if I can get a pic of it.

Wow…well there’s 10 min I’ll never get back… the things kids watch these days. :zombie: I watched this video, but I never really got a clear shot of the blanket so I’m not sure what to even look for, but maybe this will be close enough if you use the same colors.

Thank-you Jan. :slight_smile: That’s not quite it as the waves in Uma’s blanket seem to be more relaxed; I’m still looking for a pic. I may have to wait till the episode airs again so I can take a pic of it. I knew I should save saved it on my DVR. >.<

Well, Nuu - look around YouTube - there are bunches of other episodes. Maybe you can find one with a shot of the blanket on the bed. Like Jan, I don’t think I can watch any more! I am so glad DS is 18 now - I thought the Barney/Thomas the Tank Engine/Winnie the Pooh days were bad!!

Just like Jan, when you said waves I was thinking a feather/fan pattern too. Maybe on larger needles the same pattern would be more relaxed and wavy.

My kids grew up with Sesame Street and shows like that. I guess I’m too old for talking hands. :teehee:

Nuu, the video I posted was the one you mentioned so I’m not sure where you saw a better shot.

This stitch pattern should work:

Feather and Fan Stitch Pattern

By starting and ending with 4-6 garter stitch rows and adding 4-6 sts on each side, the blanket should be close. Larger needles will help it spread out more. Hope this helps…Granddaughter is an “OOBI” fan!

Thank-you everyone for the replies. I’ll be starting this blanket today. :slight_smile: