Looking For: 220 Aran Stitches and Patterns: Volume 5

I’m looking to get this book, if anyone has a copy they would like to sell or trade:

I was going to suggest used on Amazon, but then I went and looked… WTH!? Why are they so freaking expensive now?

I have NO idea!!! My husband had bought one cheaper at Christmas and the seller hasn’t mailed it yet but still has copy(s) for sale, so he’s going to complain to Amazon.

Is that book any different that this one?:

It seems to be the exact same, only the first one is out of print. Am I right???

:shrug: Beats me. Can you get it at your library?

Wow! I think I’ll hang on to my copy. I looked around elsewhere and it seems to be expensive on other sites too. I wonder if it’s a Starmore phenomenon thing–it’s now out of print so way overpriced!

Anyway, I’m guessing that the second book isn’t the same, but will probably give you the same type of information.

Did you get your money back from the seller?

Apparently it’s because it’s out of print, but Harmony has a newer (still in print) 250 stitch guide, so I got it!