Looking for 2006 Holiday Vogue Knitting

Hey every one,

Im looking for a copy of the 2006 Vogue Holiday Knitting Issue. I really want the pattern for the red scarf on the front. I dont know if I want to ask someone to part with their copy, so I was thinking maybe someone could just photo copy it for me? :shrug:
I know someone on the board made this sacrf and it came out just beautiful and I wanted to make one ever since I saw the picture.
This is what the cover looks like in case someone doesnt know.

Thanks guys :muah:

Oh Jess, you must know that asking someone to copy a pattern and send it to you is not so cool with copyright. You can buy a copy from lots of online vendors, which you can find through a google search. or you can trade with someone for something else.

I have one I can send you, check your PM’s.

:oops: Sorry, I didnt think of that when I posted it. I must remember to think before I type :doh:

Thanks SbutterAMfly :muah: