Looking:early/1900's crochet mitered blanket patt

hi all:)
i put this thread on knitting patterns…im looking for a pattern for a crocheted mitered afghan…it looks like the knitted version, done in single crochet…kind of like diamonds…the person who got this afghan was a teen at the time now in his near 70s, so we are talking in the 1940s when he got it…

have you tried looking on Ravelry? the have a HUGE selection of patterns. If that doesnt work try a google search.

yes i did , TY!

I just recently worked a mitered square crocheted pattern but I’m pretty sure it’s not an OLD pattern like what you are describing. Still it might give you a headstart if you want to try and reproduce the old one yourself. You can find a picture of it finished here. There are links inside that post that will get you to other articles I wrote about it, and to the pattern itself.

Good Luck!