Looking 4 a charity

Hello everyone,
Is there a charity that knit things for dogs/cats?
I would like to do something like that, because I am getting ready to sponsor a dog at our local dog pound.

You might want to check out knittingforcharity.org for different ideas.


Here is a link to a cat and dog rescue centre that would love some blanket for the cats and dogs.


yes, the snuggles project. Just see my signature for the website address.

The NIU project is always looking for more help. Its easy. Its making 8x8 red,black and white squares. Check us out! Its the NIU charity blankets! We are on here, Ravelry and www.NIUBLANKETS.WEEBLY.COM

Check with your local vet or animal hospital. My dog’s vet takes blankets and “snuggles” and donates them for us to the local humane society.