Lookie what my DD brought me

My DD got back from Japan and she bought me this yarn:

I am just floored that she would even think to get me yarn. I really didn’t expect much more than a post card.

The brand is Puppy. I checked Ravelry and, although I found the brand I could not find this particular yarn. I’m trying to decide what to make with it. Because the writing is in Japanese I don’t even know what the fiber is. I am thinking its a wool/acrylic blend though.

Well, that was sweet of her! That yarn looks yummy and I bet you’ll find [I]something [/I]to use it for! :happydance:

Great daughter! I think you’ll find something suitable, too. Try snipping a piece off and burning it…if it’s an animal fiber, the smell will tell you. If it’s acrylic, it’ll be crusty…cotton will just smolder.

What fun!! beautiful yarn, and what a sweet DD!

How sweet of your DD - love the colors! I see a nice, chunky scarf…but then again, is seems that I am in scarf mode lately - feels like that is all I have been making!

:yay: that’s great!

Make sure you use pliers (or something to protect you from the fiber being burned), because if it’s acrylic, it can fuse to your skin. Ouch!

Have you checked out yarndex.com? It’s got a pretty extensive list of yarns!

hmmm - the list is extensive, but no Puppy brand yarn.

so much fun to be brought japanese yarn!:cheering:
here’s where their shop is…


I’ll bet someone on ravelry is japanese and cant tell you what the yarn is… or you could email the store!

ha, here is the store and I just into clicking on pictures to see what would come up, it’s funny!


P.S. thanks for posting that, I forgot exactly how that works (the smell etc)

Oi vai! I can’t read any of that . .lol

Evona, take the address and plug it into google. When it comes up it will have:

[B][I]puppy club[/I][/B]

  • [ Translate this page ]こちらは、Puppy(パピー毛糸)の直営店や商品のご案内イベント情報などをお届けするPuppyの公式ページです! 株式会社 ダイドーインターナショナル パピー事業部 [B]…[/B]
    www.[B]puppyclub[/B].[B]co[/B].[B]jp[/B]/ - 112k - Cached - Similar pages

I’m thinking chunky scarf too! Or a hat. :wink: Just my two cents.

I’m thinking chunky scarf too! Or a hat. :wink: Just my two cents.

Thanks so much! :roflhard: :roflhard: at the translation. Somehow I think something is lost between Japanese and English :teehee: . Here’s an example:

“In particular, the coming season, as his shawl to cooling measures are focused!
The most popular jewelry race (the bag can Kirakira) are also handled.”