Lookie what i made!

i am making a stocking for my MIL.
i am so proud of myself!


Great job! That is so neat :thumbsup:

wow, gorgeous!!

You should be proud! That’s a nice one!

yaeh you! Looks good :cheering:

WOW that looks great. :thumbsup:

i haven’t braved pattern kniting yet. looks great!!! :thumbsup:

well, i started out doing a comlpetely diff pattern with stars and i didnt like how they looked…so i just used the star pattern off i got online, and made my own pattern for her name!

And you did a STUNNING job :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


That looks great. I would like to make stockings one year but it will be a while before I get to that project.


That is beautiful! Lucky Linda! :smiley:

its super easy, too! the top is just a seed stitch band. i started it on Friday night-all i did was the band…and the rest i did on saturday at my moms.

AWESOME! :thumbsup:

Looks great :thumbsup: The only problem you are going to have, are request. :wink:


its ok…

i :heart: :XX:

i need a t-shirt that says that

Beautiful work!! Great job!

Looks GREAT!!! :cheering:

Very nice! I’m sure you MIL will :heart: it!