Lookie what I got!

Some Manos from my mum to make her a scarf/shawl. I also got a swift and ball winder!! My camera’s flash is not working right now so I;ll have to try to take a picture during the day time.


That yarn is beautiful! Your mum is smart to buy you yarn so that you can make her something lovely with it. :teehee:

I am wondering: do you find Manos to be scratchy next to the skin? S-l-o-w-l-y, I am getting used to wool agin my skin. I began with baby steps (Misti alpaca) and am pretty well tolerating a lambs wool sweater that I, gulp, bought :wall: (It was a steal :oops:)

I love Manos yarns but am too skeert to make anything with it.

I just received the book “Knit 2 Together” and I love it. There is a pattern in there for the Doctors Bag that calls for Manos Wool. I have never used this wool. Searching on the web it seems a little pricey does anyone know of a comparable yarn? Need 7 skeins.

Manos is a bit scratchy, but I find it tolerable. If you have sensitive skin it might be a bit much.

I think Manos softens up pretty well after washing. It also felts really well too.I just luuuuurve the colors and the thin/thickness of it. It’s like driving a stick vs a manual transmission, its unpredictable, its knitting in a natrual state. I don’t know I just love it.

That is a great color! I just finished a bag done with manos and it was a delight to knit with and felted really well!

A ball and swift winder are so addicting!