Lookie Lookie

Okay, most of ya’ll know that Lonnie spoils me rotten, right?!

His mom recently began living with us fulltime and my goodness…I know where my dear husband got these tendencies!!! I say this because she just ordered this Sock Wizard software for me!! CAN YOU BELIEVE?!
I had toyed with the idea of getting it for a couple of years now but saw no reason to get it. Then I somehow happened upon the webpage yesterday and saw several additions and improvements in the software and mentioned that I might order that soon. Well, much like her son, she beat me to it and ordered it for me and it should arrive next week!!
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! And I don’t mean because they spoil me so (although that is a nice bonus :wink: ) but because they are such wonderful people, kindhearted, think of others long before thinking of themselves, just very loving…I am so blessed!
And, tomorrow we 3 are off to Charleston to celebrate my Honey’s birthday, it should be fun!!!

It’s so nice that you have this kind of family :woot:And especially enjoying your MIL living with you :teehee:… That’s definitely special…I LOVE my MIL, she treats me like her daughter and always tries to get me nice presents…


That’s great!!

It’s always great to have people support what you are interested in.

You ARE blessed…not just because of the software ;)…have a fun weekend!

I’m sure they have a good reason for being so good to you. I bet you deserve every bit of it.

Wow, you are especially lucky.
My MIL lives several states away. She barely remembers her own son’s B-day. We really haven’t seen her since we were married nearly 8 years ago. My DH calls her often, but she often unable to talk. I think they actually talk maybe three times out of the entire year. His entire family is a bit strange so in a way I’m kind of glad we have limited contact.

But enough of my rant…

You have a wonderul and blessed family!!!:slight_smile:

Lonnie’s mum for president (and Lonnie for vice president)!!:cheering:

Aww, that’s so nice of her to do that. :hug:Seems to me like you’ve got a really great family! :hug:

Thanks, ya’ll, I so knew you would understand the absolute unconditional love that i was talking about, I’m so very, very blessed, it’s wonderful, I couldn’t ask for a better life!
We had a great day in Charleston today, too, just hanging out, not doing anything special, taking Lonnie shopping which is such a TREAT!!! He is a musician and collects music (cds, dvds, guitars, ipods, etc) like I collect knitty things!
And, of course, we stopped by their yarn shop to get a couple of skeins of TOFUtsies, I LOVE that yarn! I’ve only knit one pair of socks with it before (Lonnie was wearing them today, great for the heat because the soy wicks moisture away from the skin). I’m looking forward to knitting some more with it, i actually found another masculine color at the lys and a cute color for me…I so hope they come out with solid colors of this yarn, too…it would make super cute stranded sock patterns if we had some solid Tofutsies, too…perhaps we should ALL email SWTC and ask for solid colors…Jonelle Raffino is the prez, let’s email and ask for real! Her email addy is: [COLOR=#0066cc]jonelle@soysilk.com[/COLOR] Wouldn’t it be just too cool if we actually made an impact and they started making solids, too?! :blooby:

and then naturally they would name the yarn after KH! :happydance:

:cheering::cheering::cheering:Oh yeah, most excellent idea!!! i’ve already penned (rather typed…) my email and sent it on it’s way…are ya’ll game?!
come on, ya know ya wanna do it, send that email socknitters and almost socknitters! You will LOVE yourself for it:roflhard::roflhard:

I did it. I sent them an email asking for solid colors in the tofutsie yarn. I simply love that yarn for socks :wink: