Lookie lookie!


It’s on order, yarn’s on order. I can’t wait!

[color=blue] :notworthy: wow! That is Beautiful… can’t wait to see it finished! [/color]

The shawl is beautiful Ingrid…what type yarn will you use for it?

I ordered some lavendar cotton this morning from Elann. I honestly don’t remember which one :oops: The order confirmation will be on my home computer.

I had some yarn that I thought would be good for this–baby alpaca/cashmere, but I don’t have enough and elann doesn’t have it anymore.

I’m sure it will be beautiful!

OMGosh, Ingrid…that shawl is :shock: STUNNING!! I can’t wait to see it!! Oh, I know that you are excited :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: !!

I think I’m going to have to have a sound-proof booth installed to do it! :shock: I’m anxious to see the pattern, maybe it won’t be too complicated. Definitely a lifeline every two rows, though. I’m going to make it for my eldest. So she’ll be getting felted clogs and this shawl. Two ends of the spectrum!

Well…your eldest…is one lucky girl, I say!!
Yeah, I would say you will need a lifeline or 1003 or so…I would HATE to :frog: any of that!!

I wish my Mom was a knitter :wink:

Actually, she is a knitter, but I have to stay one step ahead of her! She’s got the PhD. I have to be better than her at something!

Ok, I realize that I was away from here for a couple of months…now I must catch up…Ingrid, who is Foothills and her mom to you…are you guys related, friends…what’s the connection?!
And :shock: WOW…I still can’t get over that shawl!!

WOW that is gorgeous. I wish I had the confidence to try it!!! (i know, trust the pattern yadda yadda).

Clarification–I said I was going to make it for my daughter (I know I won’t wear it) and Foothills said she wished her mom knitted. My daughter does knit, but I’m making this to stay on top of the game. :smiley:

I am aware, however, that Andy Griffith lived in Mt. Airy and based Mayberry on that town.

That is gorgeous. I bet it would be stunning in a laceweight mohair or silk blend. :thinking:

Hmmm… I have a bunch of Lornas Laces wool and silk blend! :drooling:

Actually, she is a knitter, but I have to stay one step ahead of her! She’s got the PhD. I have to be better than her at something![/quote]

My apologies :blush: ; this made me think that you all were related and foothill’s mom is a phd and you were trying stay one step ahead of her!!
LOL…oops :oops:

Looking back, I can totally see where you got that! :wink:

I just ordered it from elann. Thanks for posting Ingrid!

okay, good…because I thought that I was really as confused as I thought I was :roflhard: :roflhard: Thank you for allowing me to regain my sanity, if only briefly :thumbsup:

OOOH! Ingrid and Silver are gonna have a KNIT-OFF!!! :cheering:

That is one GAWGEOUS pattern! Ill be very interested to see how it looks in different yarns.

No tellin’ when I’ll get to it though. I have THREE babies to knit for! :cheering:
I LOOOOOVE knitting for babies. And I love babies! LOL