Lookie Lookie what I got

Finally!!! Blue Kool Aid!!! :cheering: AnreeAce sent it to me. :muah: Aren’t knitters the best!!! Now I can dye some of my KP natrual and make some mittens for my boy. And maybe a hat too. kewl!!!Yeah I’m so happy! THanks so much AnreeAce!!! :muah:

How cool!!! That was very sweet of you, AnreeAce :cheering: :cheering:

Aw! So sweet!


I’m just glad I could help! Who knew finding KoolAid could turn into such a quest!

Enjoy it, I can’t wait to see the projects!

:muah: right back atcha!

So I just read this today. I never would have known…

Evidently you can buy kool-aid packets (even blue ones) on Amazon.

check it out

You’re paying a premium on shipping, but if you really have to have it, no price is too much to pay.