Lookey-Lookey what I got here......My new STASH!

[B][FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][COLOR=“RoyalBlue”][SIZE=“2”]OMG…I was on a YARN frenzy yesterday…in addition to the AC MOORE sale, I also went to my LYS, which was also running a 15% off all regular priced yarn (plus selected yarns that were 50%-75% marked down), AND I stopped at Michaels A&C to return something, and they ended up MATCHING the sale prices at AC MOORE since I had the ad to proove it. :yay: So here’s what followed me home (warning…yarn P*rn to follow :wink: )

Did I go overboard?? Probably, but now I am set to make just about anything I want. I got lots of soft, cuddly yarns so I can make scarfs, fingerless gloves and socks. I also lusted after some beautiful NORO Silk Garden yarn, that I would love to make a sweater or hoodie with someday. :knitting:

Now, off to list everything on Ravelry…see you in a week :zombie:

:passedout: [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

Wow! I feel like I need a cigarette. That’s quite a haul. I see hours and hours of blissful knitting in your future.

Congrats! Looks like you hit the motherload!! So much fun isn’t it?

wow! what a stash! you are now set out for the journey!! :roflhard:

Great haul :thumbsup:

That’s what I call a good shopping trip…you are my kind of girl!!

A girl after my own heart. Love your selections.

Lots of pretty yarns there and a good start on needles and accessories!:yay:!

That looks like my trips to get yarn!!! :rofl: I’m SO glad I’m not the only one with this addiction!

The colors look great - you go, girl!!! :muah:

Now that’s a what I call the end of a nice day to me

A knitting bonanza! What a great haul and you’ll have hours of fun with what you got. :notworthy:

I was at Michael’s today too, but I showed a teeny bit more restraint.:wink: I could have easily filled a shopping cart up. I’m jealous of your haul, especially the cable needles and Knitting for Dummies. Have fun!:woot:

nice shopping, looks like you had fun and now you will have fun knitting all you treasures.

I’d love to see what some of those yarns look like when they go from your stash to OTN. :mrgreen:

Holy heaping yarn stash, Batman! Sweet!

Oh gosh…I should NOT have clicked on this thread. Everything is so lovely. :inlove: Makes me wanna visit my stash. It’s calling out to me like a siren of old (didn’t they call out to men, though?? :??)

Anyhoo…enjoy yourself…while I write another stupid paper for one of my classes.

I’ll probably have dreams of Winston Churchill ogling that p*rn. :wink: