Look What's on Sale

purlsoho is having a sale! Here’s the stuff I was most interested in. It’s 40% off of their regular price. I’ve had my eyes on it ever since I found the pattern below for my Winterland Swap Partner…

Here’sthe link to the pattern.

Woo! Nice!

What beautiful colors! And I love that pattern. I am off buying new yarn for awhile. Carpal Tunnel has reared it’s ugly head so I can’t justify buying anymore yarn for awhile… That is really lovely though

OMGGGGGGG i hope the sale lasts until after i get my tax refund :pray:

Yeah, I hear you, Hilde. I got an email from them last night, but I was a good girl and checked my bank account first. I waited until today to order it (payday). Plus, it was even more rewarding since I finished my LAST final this morning. I couldn’t get home fast enough to order it. They do have lovely (albeit expensive) yarn.

It is beautiful. I can see why you’ve had your eye on it! It is awesome…

I have knit with yarn before and it is QUALITY. Def near the top of my list, if not my favorite, for how it feels while knitting. Knits up beautifully, too.

Thanks for the positive review! I’ve never actually bought any, but it looks scrumptious! I cannot wait for it to come in!!!


You’ll have to post p0rn for us!