Look what we got- for free!


We found it last week, by the dumpster in the car park behind our apartment building. We scrubbed it clean and filled it up- it works! Well today I decided to google to see if we could get extra parts if we needed them, and was very surprised to see the real cost of our find…

Has anyone else ever had any really good, free or really cheap finds? I love those stories, lol.

Very cool. My husband found a vintage Coke cooler (not machine) in an old building he was going through with his dad some 40 years ago or so. He’s kept it ever since and we’ve lugged the thing around to all of our houses. It’s neat and in new condition.

Congrats!! Awesome find!!

I haven’t been so lucky, but I once found a perfectly good still-wrapped Cadbury Creme Egg that fell under my desk and rolled under the filing cabinet. I didn’t find it until well after Easter season, and they only sell them a couple months, so it was the best find EVER. :roflhard:

Silver!! :teehee:

We found an original Barbie Doll once, but unfortunately it was a well loved one so probably not much value. Still it’s cool to have it and see the differences over the years. My girls had tons of them. :doh:

That is awesome! I so want one.

It’s amazing what some people throw away! Luck was on your side…