Look what took a break on my Peach Tree

Yay…I did it…now on to the story…I googled this beautiful creature and it is an Atlas Moth, native too Subtropical and tropical areas!! I live in Ohio (10 miles South of Lake Erie), and I have no idea why “he” decided to hang out for awhile on my Peach Tree…for a couple of hours…amazing

Did you resize your photo per the instructions on this site? Maybe try that and then post again.

I was able tooo…here’s another fantastic view

Wow! That’s beautiful! I’m glad you got to see it and get your photos. What a rare opportunity.

How cool is that!! About how large do you think he is?

I’m so glad you were able to finally post the pictures; it was worth the wait.

“His” wing span was about 5.5 to 6’’…It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen…It looked like he had an orange cape of fur on and the antennae looked fake…It was amazing…all my pics are on Flickr I will pm you my email…take a look…also if you googel Atlas Moth you will see more …thanks

Wow, that is awesome!!

What a great picture! Thanks so much for posting it and giving us all a chance to see it. Amazing and beautiful.

You are sooo welcome! I only hope more people take the time too check it out!!!

Thanks for sharing! He’s BEAUTIFUL!!

Beautiful! So lucky to get such a great shot.:thumbsup:

Couldn’t resist…here’s another

Love it! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous creature!