Look what the mailman brought me today!

What can I say? No words are adequate…


:yay: Whatcha gonna make??? :???::???::???::???:

:woot:I’m coming to your house. I’ll be there in about 4 hours. 12 hours if I drive the speed limit:teehee:

okie dokie… we’ll send out for dinner… yummmmmm

:passedout: Those are beeeyootiful!


:rofl:Don’t you love that mailman? I would!!!:teehee:

:flirt:just beautiful…cloud9

:woohoo:No need to order out. I will be right over with a giant platter of enchiladas, beans and rice. I’ill make them from scratch and run them over from New Mexico just for the chance to gaze upon that sweet fluffly goodness. cloud9

ooooo, purdy

OOOOOO a yarn party! Im so there!:woohoo:Give me about 12 hours too though. hmm… maybe i’ll fly…
Great haul!:muah:
this thread made me think that KH’ers should meet up somwhere’s where there’s a big yarn fair sometime. Oh, wait, I’m going to Spain with Janeuntangled in may. hmm…


wow that’s a whole lotta yarn! i realize that it is knitpicks but is it all the same kind of yarn?


… more drooling going on…

No, really… WHEN will you be here??? Enchilada’s, beans and rice are about my favorite kind of food in the whole world…

There are 8 skeins - this is what I bought with my birthday money - and there are 2 of each color for 8 pairs of socks. And some yummy leftovers.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Everybody bring their stash, we’ll have a party oohing and ahhing and eating enchilada’s, rice and beans.

I have a big house… plenty of room! Come on over… (well, wait until I clean the bathroom ok?) :grphug:

Who’s bringing the margaritas? :teehee:

I don’t know a whole lot of people around where I live who knit. It would be so fun to have a real knitting party or a regular knitting group night. :grphug: I thought about just sitting outside the LYS and asking people “Would you want to come home with me, would’ja would’ja would’ja, huh huh huh?” My husband thought that I might either get beat up or arrested, so I haven’t done it yet. :aww:

April, ya know you dont’ have to hang around, post something and pick a place to meet the first time. Ask your LYS if you can meet there one evening a month or pick a bookstore that stays open late and has big comfy chairs. Then just show up at the appointed time and see who shows up. You could even start a yahoogroup and put that on the flyer. “For more information go to groups.yahoo.com/desperatetoknitinnm

I like your mailman! Think he’ll come to the UK with some of that lovely stuff for me?