Look What My Friend Gave Me!

My good friend (the one who made me a Key Lime Pie while I was in the midst of studying for finals) went on a trip with her husband. We work for the same company, and she called me down to her office yesterday. Look what she brought me:


[LEFT]She said they were a graduation gift, but I know she would have gotten this for me anyway. She’s such a sweetie! cloud9

What a great friend! And great gifts – the needles are Precious!!

Wow, you’ve got a very thoughtful friend! It’s nice to have wonderful friends like that. :hug:Those needles are really cute, too!

NICE!:cheering: :woot: :cheering:

I agree…I’ve never seen needles like that! They are bamboo, which I think will be perfect for that ribbon, which is sure to be slippery.

The neatest thing is that my friend does not knit. She tried it and hated it. But she found a little yarn store near her hotel (the Peabody Hotel, no less!). She related to me how she agonized over what kind of yarn to buy…not being able to make up her mind. She said that the Dropped Stitch scarf was all made up in the copper yarn, and that it was just gorgeous. She finally decided to purchase that.

It means so much when someone thinks of you, but to put so much extra thought into it…

I’m blessed, that’s for sure!

That’s so cool… what a great friend! :cheering:

Friends like that are a treasure. Lucky you.:thumbsup:

Wow with friends like that you don’t need a credit card. :smiley:

Nice gift, and happy graduation!

how cool is that!! What a sweet friend~congrats on your graduation!


What a wonderful gift. Those needles are too cute. Congratulations on you graduation. :hug:

Such a kind & thoughtful gift. Be sure and post the pic when you finish the scarf!

That was very nice of her. :yay:

That was sweet!

What a great friend. Love the needles and the yarn is a beautiful color.

How sweet of her, and I LOVE those needles. Knitting and kitties are my two favorite things in the world. :teehee: congratulations on your graduation.

[FONT=“Book Antiqua”]Sweet Gift from a sweet friend [/FONT]:


What a wonderful friend and the color of that yarn is so pretty!:inlove: