Look What My Friend Gave Me

My good friend, who lives on the same street, called a few minutes ago and asked if I was going to be home in the next little while. I said yes.

So, she arrived and brought me this:


[LEFT]“What is it?” you ask.

It’s her famous Key Lime Pie…not even chilled yet (hence the whipped topping still in its tub).

“Now, what is the significance?” you ask.

First of all, y’all know I’ve been real stressed with classes lately. I just finished a 14 page paper for one class, and I have one more short paper to write. Then I have finals.

The other thing is that I gave up chocolate for Lent. For me, that’s almost like giving up breathing – especially when I have papers to write.

So, being the thoughtful person that she is, she wanted to give me something yummy while respecting the “no chocolate” commitment I made.

What a good friend. cloud9

Mmmm, looks delish! Enjoy!:thumbsup:


Tuck in, guilt free comfort food!


I told my friend that when I’m done, I’ll have my degree along with a few extra pounds. Well worth it. Her Key Lime Pie is a-mazing! :thumbsup:

that looks delicious! No one gave me a pie while I was in school…you lucky girl!

What a nice friend! :yay:

I too gave up chocolate for Lent. Anyone who knows me knows that I REALLY LOVE chocolate. It hasn’t been too tough, but wow. I didn’t realize how much I would miss it.

To curb my sweet tooth, I just walked around in my neighborhood to go to the local “bodegas”. I bought strawberry cake mix and strawberry frosting. That should keep me satisfied…:teehee:

Now, that is really one good friend!!!

You know…I also gave up all drinks except for water. That’s been tough. I went to the bookstore, and wouldn’t you know it, but the knitting books are very close to the cafe. I just love the chocolate drinks they have (without coffee, cause I’ve never grown up…can’t stand the stuff). Smelling those drinks last week drove me bonkers.

I never realized how much of a habit eating chocolate really is. I used to stop at the gas station on my way home from taking the kids to youth, and I would always get a candy bar. That’s giving me pause.

Anyhow, I do have a great friend…such a sweetie…especially given the fact that her daughter is getting her tonsils out tomorrow, and she’s a nervous wreck. Thinking of someone else while you’ve got your own worries…such a wonderful gal…:heart:

How nice! I love homemade goodies, they’re the best. Enjoy your pie and your great friend. :cheering:

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love Key Lime pie.

Oh yummy!! Wish I had a neighbor like that.LOL, well, maybe not, I don’t thing I would eat anything the people around here make. LOL

Such a sweet friend. My boss gave up sugar for lent. She is a chocoholic. She hasn’t given up caffeine thank goodness, but I will be glad when lent is over… lol

I think I’m going to give up sugar next year. New Year’s resolutions often fail, but now I understand why. You’re only making the commitment with yourself. With Lent, it’s between you and God. Huge difference.

Hope you and your boss make it through unscathed! :teehee:

What a great friend. Key Lime pie is one of my favorites.

That is an amazing friend! No one has giving me pie in school either bethany. That pie looks so good I want to grab a fork and eat it through the screen!!!

Mmm, key lime pie! I applaud you for the strength to give up chocolate…I admit, I’m too weak to do it. I did give up potato chips, popcorn and pop though. The popcorn hasn’t been that tough, but right now I’m really craving some chips and pop! :teehee:

That pie looks delicious! You have a wonderful friend - definitely a keeper! :wink: Are you sharing that pie with your family?!

The jury is still out as to whether or not I’ll share. :teehee:

I’ll probably let my daughter have some, if she wants it. She’s the only other person who eats it, although her soccer season just started, so she’s watching what she eats.