Look What I just Won!



and this:

I’m so excited. They are just like the one my mother had and I always loved that bag. After she died it just disappeared. I can hardly wait to get’em!!:woohoo:


Yay! Congrats! :thumbsup:

That is so cool! My mom used to have one of those, too! Thanks for sharing!

Yea! They’re very nice!

Nice! My mom had those too.

Very nice.

I have modern versions and I like mine. I found a really small one and placed it inside the larger one. The small one holds my scissors, lip balm, measuring tape, needle guide, and various other whatnots!

COOL!!! Something like that in my house however would quickly turn into a cat bed!!!

glad that you found something so special!!

Oh, I have one of those. I got it for Christmas one year from my grandma when I was a kid. (I crocheted a little when I was young, but no one really knew how to teach me very well, because I am left handed.) It’s in storage. I really should get it out and put it to some good use!
Thanks for sharing!

I want one! That’s looks so handy. Happy for you that found such pretty totes.

That great that you found them…they are just so perfect for your needlework…

I lucked out and found some not to long ago up in Harlem for a rediculous price and bought a couple.:yay:

Good for you! I must say I’m feeling old cause of all the “my mom had one” comments…;.I had one of those MANY years ago!!!

Me too, Tillie. I had one about a thousand years ago when I first learned to knit the first time. I wonder if they still make them? They are awfully convenient .

Awesome find! I found one at a garage sale. I’ve been using it to keep some yarn in too.

Very Cool! Yay for you!!! :wink:

that is cool! i was just looking at this one last night!