Look what I got

Went shopping today!! :happydance:

[color=blue]The Mod Squad was here.[/color] :thumbsup:

yay! purchases!

:cheering: :cheering: nice haul…have fun!!

Love those colors and the soft yummyness of the yarn!

Aww…I’m jealous…loL.

That Moda Dea Dream yarn looks soooo nice. Do you know what you’re going to knit with it yet? I’d like to buy some soon but just don’t know what to make…lol.

I LOVE the colors. You’re going to have fun, fun, fun. :happydance:

Just scarves for Christmas presents. I bought it 25% off.

very cool! I can’t wait until tomorrow, cause my lys is having their anniversary and it is all 20 percent off!! Everything in the store!! YAY!!

Have fun with your knitting!