Look what i got on the mail :)

I got this gorgeous yarn on the mail today:woot:! It’s from Mystical Creations Yarns on eBay. It’s 65% wool and 35%silk, bulky weight, handpainted. The colors are purple ,green and in between, really pretty :rofling: I have about 220 grams (~1/2lb) which is 280 yards.
So now i have a question: is 12.00$ for both expensive or not? And if you have any ideas for a project - i’d love your opinion…


It looks great and even though I don’t know that yarn, I think it sounds like a good price.

anything’s a good price as long as you love it. it is beautiful yarn!

I love her yarn. Is yours thick and thin? The stuff I got from her was. I love the feel and the color, I’m just not a fan of thick and thin. I have no idea what to do with it. I wanted to make a hat, but I don’t think it’ll look good.

I also got the same colors as you did…great minds think alike hunh?:lol:

yarn looks gorgeous!

on thick and thin: i have some mmmmmmmmalabrigo gruesa in a deep burgundy that is very rustic, thick and thin. i am doing a seed stitch scarf with it. it’s working really well to show off the pattern. in fact, the thick parts really almost look like black cherries! :heart:

BEAUTIFUL! Who cares how much it cost! :roflhard:

I love the colors.


What?! Too expensive? Never!

Great yarn, too!


It is actually a bit of thick and thin… i think i’m giong to make a swatch in different stitches and see how it looks. I don’t think i have enough for a scarf, but a hat could be a great idea:cheering:

I love the colorways MCY offers. I bought three yarns from them recently, and have made two into shawls. I have not yet blocked the shawls.
However, I was reading on the Lime and Violet message board about the dye in MCY yarns running quite badly. I think the thread is in the Yarn Reviews section.
I did notice a definite blue staining of my fingernails just from knitting with the yarn, so I will let you know what happens when I wet and block the yarn.
It might not be a bad idea to do a little swatch, soak it, and see how much dye comes out before you take the plunge.

I keep eyeing MCY yarns on ebay so I’m interested in all this information! I had heard about the dye running, but the colors are so pretty…

I can attest to this. I bought some and the dye did run noticeably, but what was worse was that the shine was reduced greatly. It was so shiny at first, but after a wash, it was much duller.

The price they ask I think is more than fair, though I am not a fan of this particular yarn because of the dye issues, the thick and thinness, and its slight roughness. They do know how to combine colors, though. Their colorways are gorgeous.

If you read on the knittyboards, the lady who owns MCY has changed names multiple times, left people without orders, sent yarns that were not what was in the picture, and you have to wash the yarn before you knit.

I was going to buy some since the price is good and the colors are amazing, but thought twice after I read about all that. I’d heat the yarn in some vinegar before I use it. It is definitely pretty, though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice on vinegar, YarnMommy! To tell you the truth - i got exactly what was on the picture, they shipped out fast. It took 3 weeks to arrive, but i also live in the Holyland=slowshippingland. So i’m not complaining. yet:rofling: