Look what I got on craigslist!

:woot: :yay: :cheering: I already had a set but I couldnt pass these up! They look like they have never been used and they were only $20!!!


You can [I][B]never[/B][/I] have too many needles

a person after my own heart, a deal like that is too good to pass up!

Congrats on the awesome deal!!!

Oh GOODY! What a lucky duck, GOOD JOB!

you scored!

That is too cool! A deal like that doesn’t come along every day.

Sweet! What a great deal!


That’s great! Good going.

Wow! Just think about how much money you saved, both from getting an interchangeable set (versus individual needles) AND getting the set for less than half the original price!! You know what that means…more yarn money! :cheering: Awesome buy!


I love my Denise’s…even at full price! What a deal!

WOW you were so lucky! Funny, I just noticed for the first time yesterday the sale stuff on craig’s list, I never looked before ever!
Now I will!

I am jealous!! Considering what I just paid!!!

I am sooooo jealous:woohoo: Ain’t you the one though!! Congrats!:wink:

What is craigslist? I know of one for finding jobs but not knitting stuff? Please enlighten and thank you!!!:woohoo: