Look What I Did Today--FO

Here’s a hat I made today. I was going to make this scarf, but as soon as I started I cringed at the thought of knitting another long scarf. So I decided to use the pattern to make a hat instead. Wee! And now it’s an FO after a day.

This is my very first experience with colorwork/stranding. It went ok. Here a few pics. First is inside out, now…do I leave that as is or should I knit a liner of some sort? I don’t really wanna, but I dunno…what do you all normally do?

Also, as you can see on the pic where it’s blocking on a bowl…the white part is wool, the black is an acrylic blend. And the white is just mushy shedding all over. I’m very disappointed with how it looks. Is there any way I can repair this once it’s dry? I dunno, a lint roller or razor or something? So sad that half of the colorwork looks all muddy because of the stupid yarn :verysad:

Anyway here it is. It’s for a very new boyfriend with a birthday on Saturday (grr)…I wanted something cute and small and he’s an x-ray tech so he enjoys skeleton humor.

I think it looks so cool! Great job!

I’ve never tried stranded knitting before. Looks like a LOT of work to me!

I’m sure your boyfriend will love it. Just be sure to tell him to NEVER put it in the dryer, or the wool part will felt and shrink. In fact, it would be best to wash it by hand, and block it to dry, just like you’re doing.

I might have to knit myself one of those… :thinking:

What size needles did you use?

About the “muddy” part you’re referring to:

It doesn’t look that bad to me, but if it bothers you, you could always go over the skulls again with duplicate stitch.

I just used the size needles recommended for the yarn. THe white yarn called for size 7 and the black size 8. So I went with size 7 so that the white didn’t get too loose, as a result the black is a nice firm material–which is fine for a hat.

And the fuzzy junk came off and looks muc better now that it’s dry :slight_smile:
It was so much fun to knit! Stranding/colorwork is not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I’m glad I chose something nice and simple to start with.

That looks great and what a cute idea for your boyfriend given his profession!! :cheering:

Doubtful it will ever get washed! Remember it is for a MAN! :rofl:

Most excellent! :thumbsup:

Touche magic hallway, touche! :rofl: :roflhard:

My mom was too funny. I knit it while home for the holidays and she kept giving me creeped out looks because of the design. I knit her a gorgeous Aran afghan which she loved. And I finished the hat and put it on. Her direct quote: “Wow, the hat and knitting looks great…not so sure about the skulls but…I guess you know him best”. Hehe…

hahaha mom’s are just classic like that! BUT I do love the hat. I think you did a super job. it rad! I would totally wear one of thems.

very cute and manly at the same time!!

just don’t curse the relationship by knitting a sweater for him… wait till you have the ring!!