Look what I did Part II

O.k…Used this pattern and made this, I thanked everyone here at KHF for their help(shaping etc) and mare-nitt for the “Jelli Beenz” oh yea DH for the download of the pic (ha, ha :biting: )and my dear sweet departed friend for her knowledge…I finally have a “toddler Shrug”:cheering:

It’s adorable, Cheley!

Thanks,Jan…all of us “newbies” need that “extra” bit of encouragement…:hug:

That is really incredible! I love it and will have to bookmark that pattern for the fall.


GREAT job!

:happydance: it looks wonderful!

:yay: It’s beautiful!!! Awesome!

Very nice x

What a cute little sweater! Very dramatic colors for a baben, I wonder if they ever get tired of pink and blue?

Thanks, (she) is not a baby…She’s 6 years old…I call her a “toddler”. I mixed the “jelli beenz” with another color (her favorite “purple”) so it worked out great (got more sts to the inch, therefore, a bigger fit) so it turned out to be around a 6x :cheering:

Congrats! It turned out great!!!

That is so cute. So happy to see that yarn finally found a good home was put to good use. Interesting blend.:yay:

Cheley, it looks great! :slight_smile:

That is very pretty.

Very nice job!

It is so nice! It looks to be very cushy and comfy and luscious!