Look what i can do! (finally!)

YAY! I’m not sure what happened, but I finally have decent ribbing!!! No holes!!! No ladders either! I’m excited!!! Had to share, thank you all. :slight_smile:

Today is Earth Day!

Excellent! :happydance:

That’s awesome! I’m working on my first pair of socks right now…they are for my mom for mother’s day. I’m using a self-striping yarn and it looks really cool…I just bought some dark gray too to make some for my best friend.

this isnt’ the first time i started a pair, but this is the first time i made it past the ribbing. :wink: I’m really challenged by ribbing for some reason. the other times i’ve tried it’s been in 2x2 and this is 1x1 and it’s the first time my ribbing has really looked like ribbing, so i’m pretty excited. i am out of town right now so i decided to pick up some Encore worsted and size 5 DPNs to try it, but i have some marvelous self-striping sock yarn at home waiting for me! I’m really really excited!!! :slight_smile: Enjoy your sock making!

I tried socks before this too but didn’t get past the first few rows…I dropped down to shorter dpns (5") and I’ve really enjoyed it.

It took alot of practice for me, for my ribbing to look good, too. I mean, mine really looked bad. :rollseyes: I just kept practicing, and one day I suddenly realized my ribbing looked pretty good! :cheering: It’s a joyous feeling when that happens, huh? :thumbsup:

Well, how cool are you? That is some mighty nice ribbing there! :happydance:

:cheering: Looks good!!!

:smiley: looking good

Looks great! I found that I had troubles with my knitting when I was using old dpns that belonged to my mother or grandmother or whoever, and I had ladders! That was unusual because I hadn’t had any for a long time. I found some little dpns and that solved the problem. It does take a bit of getting used to, doesn’t it. I now automatically tighten that second stitch as I begin it. Works! Congratulations for conquering this! I like the yarn, by the way. Will be very cool socks. Way to go :happydance: samm

:cheering: Way to go! :thumbsup:

you guys are so great. :smiley:

thanks for all the support and kind words!

hey guess what i remembered! when i went to go get my DPNs the other day, in the discount bin at this particular LYS was this:

a hank of Rowan Summer Tweed for $3!!! Anyway, I got it, of course, and it has just the right amount of yardage for me to make the men’s fingerless gloves from Last Minute Knitted Gifts!!! YAY!!!

I say this now because I didn’t remember it until I went to a different LYS today and picked up size 8 shorter DPNs because I knew there was SOMETHING i needed 8s for, and that’s what it was. so now i get to try 2x2 ribbing and the shorter needles too!

Terrific! I love tweed yarns. Made socks this year for myself with some. How are the socks coming along? samm

Your ribbing looks great!

Nice! I’ve started my first sock - my ribbing looks horrible laugh Can’t wait till it looks like yours =D

I just taught my Daughter that Diagonal Ribbing stitch so she could get the difference of Knitting and Purling and LOOKING at her Knitting to know where she was in the pattern

Now if I can get her to CAST ON HER OWN STITCHES I will be ahead of the game overall

she is SO smart