Look what I bought yesterday!

It’s lace weight yarn by Lorna’s Laces. It called Helen’s Lace in a color called Somerset. It’s the first time I bought anything so extravagent. 50% silk and 50% wool. cloud9 I am still using Lionbrand Woolease mostly, so this was “crazy” for me. :aww: I had never been to a “real” yarn shop before. I just went to Michael’s or ordered on line. :roll: But I wanted to take a lace knitting class so I looked on line for a shop in Albuquerque. I found a small yarn shop that just opened recently. :woot: I was stunned and drooling within 3 seconds of walking in. I was there for at least 3 hours talking to the owner and workers about classes and then walking around touching everything. :heart: Then this skein called out to me. I almost peed my pants when I saw that it ws $55!!!:shock: I just had to have it…for my lace class of course. :mrgreen: I probably won’t be spending that much on yarn in the future, but what the heck!! I needed a Christmas/birthday present for myself, right?:woohoo:

But don’t tell my hubby. He doesn’t know he bought it for me yet. I think I will let the Visa statement speak for itself.:oo:

Gorgeous!!! Totally worth it. You’ll make something spectacular out of it, to be sure.
Congrats on finding a new LYS. That’s always a good thing

A womans gotta do what a womans gotta do!! lol

It’s beautiful yarn. I have never used yarn that expensive either. So far the most I’ve paid is $6.99 a skein. But I am looking at yarn that is between $10 and $16 a skein. Just looking so far.

Beautiful yarn speaks to the soul of a knitter. cloud9

Don’t worry about your hubby. If he gives you a hard time, just ask him how much he spent recently on HIS favorite thing. (golf, hunting, fishing, team sports, video game, etc.)

Lovely yarn! And you will love knitting with it! Beautiful and textural-rich yarns make knitting all the worth it!

It’s absolutely beautiful!! :inlove: And a lace weight project will not whip up quickly so if you think of the hours of knitting pleasure you’ll get from that $55 it is so worth it! Anyhow, that is how I rationalize my sock yarn.
Keep us posted on the class and your progress!!

everyone needs to splurge on themselves after the holidays…congratulations!:yay:


Unless it means feeding your kids scraps or raiding their college funds, why not spend money on something that will give you hours of pleasure while you’re knitting and years of pride when you’re finished?

And if buying beautiful yarn right now simply isn’t possible, why not spending an hour exploring the beautiful treasures in a good yarn shop. Think of it as feeding your soul.

That’s gorgeous! You’ll have to post pics of the finished project.

I’ve knit for yrs, but just this yr found ‘real’ yarn shops locally–the selections can boggle the mind–a true sensory experience!

I’m in RR NM too-what lys did you go to? There’s village wools off Paseo & then Lavendar Lamb in Corrales…where’d you go??? I want some of that purty yarn-or at least pet it. tia

EXACTLY!!! And how happy does it make you to pet something so pretty? It [I]is[I] beautiful :inlove: - Enjoy it!

Jberry – It was Village Wools. I thought it was a new store, but I was bragging to a lady I met in the library and she said it has been their for a while. I used to live in that area and don’t remember seeing it. Of course, that was 8 years ago.:aww: Anyway, it was great. They have lots of stuff and they are so nice. They even showed me how to use their swift and ball winder. :star:
I didn’t even know about the one in Corrales. I will have to check that one out too!
I broke down and told my hubby about the yarn…I can’t keep a secret for the life of me. He wasn’t upset, but he wasn’t impressed with the yarn either. I kept saying, but it’s silk and hand dyed…he still didn’t get it. Oh well. He’ill be happy as a clam when he gets his Bowflex for his birthday. Now that is something I don’t get.

Congrats! There is nothing better than new yarn. I think that I want to sign up for a lace class someday, but I’m also saving up for improv classes, so we’ll see which I get into when push comes to shove

i [I]LOVE[/I] that. in fact, i’m going to put it in my sig. :slight_smile:

april, don’t worry about spending that much on one hank of yarn. if you hadn’t bought it, you’d probably end up spending at least that much on therapy to help you get over your regret anyway. :teehee: trust me. if you fall in love with it right away, you’d better buy it right then because if you don’t, either you’ll regret for a very long time or it won’t be there when you go back to get it. at least you won’t be kicking yourself! it truly is a gorgeous colorway. :inlove:

OT: sandy, when did you get promoted to mod, and what rock have i been living under?!?!? CONGRATS!!! :woot:
it’s been a long time coming. :wink:

Thanks for quoting my quote! :hug:

And thanks for the congratulations also! :slight_smile: I’m proud to be a moderator. Amy designated all of the new mods on December 1st. :thumbsup:

:woot: Your yarn is wonderful.ENJOY IT! We deserve to splurge on us sometimes…

April, it’s gorgeous! I can see why you couldn’t resist it. I’m in the same boat … desperately wanting to do some lace. I’m sure when I finally decide to go to one of my yarn shops to drool over some beautiful lace yarn, I’ll spend that much too. I can’t wait to see how it works up!! Congrats!

April that yarn is beautiful…I feel a yarn and if it feels soft and sensual then I have to have it…I dont care about the price!!! After all knitting is my only vice!

And it does feel soooooo soft. cloud9 Ok, guilt gone. I am just going to enjoy my investment and hold my needles up high and be proud to be a KNITTER…and a yarnaholic!:woot:
I gotta say that that store will be my new home if I like the classes as well as the yarn. They haven’t set up their schedule for 2008 yet so I’m still waiting for the lace class…please be soon, please be soon.:pray:
In the meantime, I’m going to have to check out that other shop Jberry mentioned…Lavender Lamb…it sounds so peaceful.:teehee:

Lorna’s Laces is my absolute [I]favorite[/I] splurge yarn. :slight_smile: Have fun knitting with it. It’s an absolute joy to knit with.