Look what came in the mail!

Today, I was out checking the mail and I found the yarn I had been expected! :yay: PS How do you post pix? I wanna post a pic but I down know how! :chair:

To post a photo you need to make sure it’s resized to about 800 pixels on the longest side or less. Then you can either attach it or upload it to a gallery like Flikr that lets you share photos. (Not all of them do.)

Once you’ve decided how you want to do it - see attachment.

thx Jan! :yay:

it keeps saying “upload failed”. Help! :noway:

grrr upload failed.

Usually when that happens it’s because the photo is too large. Also make sure it’s a jpg.

Look at the pretty yarns! :yay:

Pretty colors!

:inlove: love the colors!!

:yay: Pretty!

thank you all! i ordered them off
http://www.yarn.com (Webs)
:flirt: Thanks for all the nice comments!