Look out socks, I'm here

Well I finally did it. :woot: :woohoo: :cheering: :happydance: After many months of thinking about it, I cast on my 1st pair of socks. I am using magic loop to knit the “Man Socks” for the book [U]Closely Knit[/U]. I choose this pattern, cause A) I have the book, B) it used worsted weight yarn, C) it is a simple ribbed sock & D) I want to make men’s socks for the men in my family for Christmas.

I tried to use the 2 socks on 2 circs method, but it seemed a bit tricky for me to CO for both. I will try that method after I get this pair of socks under my belt, cause I enjoy using 2 circs to knit in the round. I have a book for this, but I only get confused by written directions. I prefer video.

So far so good, although I’m only 3" into the top of sock #1. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Rock on! Knitting the first pair of socks is a truly magical experience, you’re gonna have lots of fun! It’s very ambitious of you to forgo DPNs and go straight for the magic loop, I’m very impressed. Congratulations! :woohoo:


Remember there is only one stitch in knitting and yes there are hundreds of variations by it sound like you are using the basic stitches. This will make sock knitting very easy.

You also should check the videos here there are a number dealing with socks. The heel turn is shown in a video which should help if you are a visual knitter.

I finished the 1st sock just a few minutes ago. Yay me…:yay: :woot:

I ended up switching to DPNs like the pattern called for cause I wasn’t sure how to make it work using magic loop. I am very pleased with myself…This pair is for DH and he tried the sock on, it fit perfectly :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: He then said, “I want you to make all my socks. Can you make them with thinner yarn?” I told him yes and said I wanted this pair to be my Christmas test pair.

When I cast on the 2nd sock I used the DPNs and actually was able to knit the 1st round without twisting the sts. That is also an accomplishment for me. I CO the 1st using magic loop and I knit it ML for about 3" before changing to DPNs…I think when I get the hang of socks, I will go back to ML or 2 circs, cause I prefer knitting in the round those ways better. But at least I know I can use DPNs if I must…:slight_smile:

I just finished my first pair of socks last night and its a GREAT feeling!!

I have only started knitting again recently , i done it for a bit as a child, and I am really enjoying it.

Using the DPNs was great. I cant wait to make more socks now.
I am so happy with the first sock, with the second i can see something like a line going through the bottom of the sock from what i assume is from where the needles meet.

apart from that i am very proud of my first pair of socks!!


Tell your husband there are a lot of us guy that knit our own socks.