Look @ My New Toy (Giggle)


Look at my new toy. :happydance: I just makes me so click-happy!!!

Cool! I’m always afraid I won’t remember if I clicked.

Yeah, I have that problem with locking the car. My kids get so mad when I go back to check. :wink:

Woot!! I love it–I need to hear that “click” cause I forget so easily! :frowning:

Cool! I would be lost without my row counter!!!

becca, does that make clicky or beepy noises?

I need one of those!! Even better, I need to invent straight needles that, every time you turn your work, counts the rows for you on the end of the needles. LOL Ahhh… I can dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

:drooling: OOoooo … you’re all hi-tech and whatnot … :mrgreen:

I have one of those clicky row counters. It’s currently being put to use for my never ending HP scarf and every click I make gets that much closer to the finish line! :rofling:

I either just count my rows or use one of these:

:?? Is that one of those writing stick things?? Um … sigh Oh…What do you call those things?? :roflhard:


I have the same kind, ekgheiy, but I’ve used Ingrid’s method more!

It’s called a Russian Space Pen. :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: You never fail to crack me up, Ingrid. :roflhard: :roflhard:

I have one of the Clover counters and love it… I want one of the high tech ones, too!

i have one and i love it and so dpes Krickett… she always gets a hold of it and moves the numbers… so i have to keep an eye on it when shes around… much like everything eles in my house.

:rofling: :roflhard: And ya’ll say I’m high techy :roflhard: :rofling:
No, Hildegard…no clickies :wink:

I have a clickie kind, but I’m such a spaz that I don’t remember to click it, and then I can’t remember if I clicked or not. I use the same brand of Space Pen that Ingrid uses! :rofling:

I have the same one…although my DD often “helps” me click. I just have to remember she is 3 and means well…

Depending what I’m knitting, I use pencil and paper, pegged row counters, the little “barrel” types of counters (what the heck do you call those things?), and the red Clover “click” type counters. I’ve really fallen in love with the newest green Clover “click” counter, though, because you can lock it to avoid accidental clicks, and sling it around your neck so it’s handy and doesn’t get lost!

This actually would be a good subject for a poll: How do you keep track of stitches? . :thinking: