Look! I now have a 'fancy image' like everyone else!

Just showing it off-- I finally figured out how everyone had those images… but, me!

:smiley: I just had never noticed the ‘special features’…

So, what cha think?


and… even better… I just noticed by some sort of “INTERNETS” magic… my new fancy photo is showing up on old posts written by me… how cool is that? :happydance:

yeah you :cheering:

Great pic!

Thanks… I took a photo of some of my yarn ‘as a teaser for my swappee’ on the ‘surprise theme swap’ on the knitalong forum area.

Some of it did go to her… but, some of it is my own yarn.

how is your thumb??? getting better? love the pic- and visited the blog today! gotta get some work done, but ttyl! MKZ

Very creative!


Thanks all…

And, my thumb is ‘slightly’ better… as in it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off when I have my brace off (for those times that I have to ice it)… so, someday soon… I will be able to knit again… I’m hoping in a couple of weeks. :smiley:

I just may have to change my Christmas gift knitting plans though.

Hi. I’m new so I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing. I found the User Control Panel and in there you can put a picture under the Profile. Is that where I’d put my picture? I didn’t find the special features button. Where’s it at? Thanks.

So waaaay cool! :thumbsup: I like it! :heart:

Beloved… yes, that is where you’d put the photo.

THERE is no ‘real’ special features button… (I don’t think that there is one anyway?) I was just referring to the ability to put in the images as a ‘special feature’… :woohoo: