Look at what I got!

Spinning Wheel Charm Bracelet w/Swarovski Crystals~Wool Its sooo cute! I also got Sara a bracelet for her birthday (July 4). Ever since she found out that it was Americas’ birthday she has been obsessed with all things patriotic. Just had to share

Ooh thats pretty!

ooh those are cute!

Those are lovely!

Those are really pretty!!! However, I wish now I wasn’t browing the rest of her bracelts :rollseyes: :rofling:

edited to add oh my they have Elvis!!! :cheering:

:roflhard: I hear ya I bid on the spinning wheel bracelet and then started checking out her inventory and kept seeing things I wanted. If it wasn’t for Saras birthday coming up I would not have had a proper excuse for buying another :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: I love both of them, that is so sweet that Sara loves that her bday is also America’s :wink:

That is too cute!

I’m so jealous! I love it!

:rollseyes: goob!

hah! I did the same grin I can’t! I must not! I just bought my denise and boye sets (denise arrived - I’m SO in love with them!) both from ebay. The Denise were looking to be the same price all over ebay but the boye I got for $30 - with the exchange rate thats a very good deal for me. I don’t care when they arrive now though I’m so in love with my denise and I’ve only done 3" of knitting on them :roflhard:

Hrm those bracelets are gorgeous though!!

:roflhard: :rofling: but it would be for Roo she likes his music… :hiding: :shifty:

[size=1]yes… its true I am obsessed with the KING[/size]

mulene~I’m being good too… I just got 2 knitting books LOL then of course my new yarn for starsky and doll kit but that doesn’t count cause I spent gift money on those… :thinking: