Look at What I Bought My Daughter for Her 16th Birthday -- UPDATE: She Opened Them

My daughter turns 16 on Tuesday. Where, oh where, have the years gone!

Here’s what I bought her (bet you thought it was a car, eh?):

[CENTER]Her first diamonds…1/3 carat, with good color and clarity (see my blog for details of that interesting shopping experience).

Every girl needs a decent jewelry box to keep her stuff in. I got this one at Things Remembered and had a plate engraved for the top. Only problem is that the plate came off in the box and scratched the top. I’ll have to get another one in the morning.


That is just lovely! I got my first diamond last year, for my 21st birthday. It really was just a wonderful gift that I hold dear to my heart. Your daughter will love this gift- great job momma!

beautiful, perfect, and so very special. You did awesome girl!:yay:

That is so sweet. I’m sure she will love it! :inlove:

I received my first diamond on my 16th too. It was my great grandmothers engagement ring, and my birthstone. (Family tradition to receive a genuine birthstone ring on your 16th)

I absolutely love it and still wear it today, which is pretty big for me since I am not crazy about Jewelery. I only have 3 things I never take off… The diamond ring, and my Engagement ring and Wedding Band.

How special! I got my first diamonds for my 16th birthday also, my great aunt’s diamond ring and some earrings from my parents. They are so special to me, and I know your daughter will treasure her’s too :slight_smile:

Very nice Auburnchick, she should be very proud of those.

Those look beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!

They’re beautiful. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday :hug:


Beautiful!! She will love them :happydance:

What a nice gift! on my 16th I received yarn :teehee: the things I make/made out of it will be like a diamond too :slight_smile:

those are gorgeous, Nathalie! you did good! lucky girl! :woohoo:

Nice choice! my mom gave me my first diamond on my sixteenth… what a cherished memory, she will remember it forever!

Lovely gift! Just one word of caution for you… did you get the screw on backs? If you don’t want the back getting caught in her hair and pulling it off hence loosing the earring you should look into getting the screw on backs. I got them for mine and have never once lost them.

She should just love this gift, so thoughtful!!!

Yep…sure did. I have a good friend who I was talking to last week. She had her earrings in and strongly advised me to get the screw back. It was the one thing I wouldn’t compromise on when dh and I went shopping.

Thanks for the kind words, all. I’m a bit nervous for her to open them tomorrow. She’s very opinionated and has made us feel bad about the gifts we’ve given in the past. But, I know the thought and care I put into picking them out. I guess that’s what matters in the end.


:inlove: Those earrings are gorgeous! :cheering: What a special gift! I’m sure she will like them. And if she doesn’t, you can adopt me, I’ll take 'em. :teehee: I’m 32 though. I guess it’s 16x2… :shifty:

When I turned 16, among the gifts my mom gave me, I got a single red rose. She had it delivered to me. I will always remember that! :teehee:

Is getting Diamonds for a girls birthday a traditional thing in the US?

I’m 29 in a couple of weeks and just asked hubby if I can have diamonds… Won’t write he said, but I don’t think I’ll be having any.

I had a video for my 16th birthday. Tape that is, not a player! I asked for a horror film and was bought ‘The Hitcher’. Never mind.

BEAUTIFUL, she’s a lucky girl!!!


I don’t think there are any traditions for 16th birthdays in the US - except that they’re usually considered pretty special and you often get something nice.

I got an heirloom garnet ring for my 16th birthday - it was my great-aunt’s and then my mom’s, and in 10 years, I’ll give it to my oldest niece for her 16th birthday.


Now you’re starting to sound like me! I keep trying to get ArtLady to adopt me so she can make me some of those beautiful sweaters she makes her daughters and granddaughters.

For my 16th birthday, I received my grandmother’s strand of pearls. She came all the way from France to give them to me too.