Look At My Thong!


Ok last night I knit the Lacy Thong from the Spring '07 Interweave. It’s a very quick knit, the hardest part was the crochet picot since I had to teach myself to crochet.

The yarn is Mulberry Silk, 100% silk. It feels very very nice now that the piece if finished and blocked, but I didn’t care to knit with it. Absolutely no give and it had a tendency to split. I’ll probably try this pattern again in a different yarn. It’s so quick and it’s a great way to test out yarns :thumbsup:

This is for my cousin–she throws Thong Parties with her friends (yup). This has been on my mind since [B]mwedzi[/B] posted hers and I finally got around to it. Yay!


Closeup of the lace:

You want to stick that where???

I’m at my parents’ right now and my dad is horrified that this is gonig on the internet :rofling:

That is so pretty. The pattern and the color are lovely :inlove: :inlove: Tell your dad we’re all adults here, well most of us are, and it’s nothing any of us haven’t see and if it really bothers him just tell him not to look.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

And even if we aren’t all adults, we do all wear panties. And for the boys, well, I’m sure they knew before now that people wear panties.

I love it! I never added the ribbon to mine. I don’t even know where mine is anymore. :?? Yours will definitely be the most special thong at the thong party. You should probably get ready to start taking orders!

It looks beautiful!

I think the reason they use a non-stretchy yarn is so that it won’t stretch out of shape. A saggy thing would be awfully uncomfortable. :teehee:

Very pretty, and you did a very nice job but thank God I am too fat, too old, and my husband hates them, cause I just can’t see sticking a piece of yarn between the cheeks! :lol:

it’s very pretty! i started one over the drive home on memorial day…i didn’t finish it because i dropped a stitch! i am using cascade fixation…it is such a fast knit

At least you did not post a pic of it being worn :roflhard:

It is very nice color and looks great.

It’s absolutely beautiful! I am not a thong person, but if I were, I would want that!! Great job!

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

That is beautiful!! And sexy!!

I really want to knit some lingerie…maybe a corset…

Thanks everybody!
My cousin LOVES it, she wants to take orders for her friends. :muah:

Ha! What did I say?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Beautiful job, seriously! I can’t see yarn b/t the chubbies either, though. Any input on comfort level for this once worn??

Great job! We can wear sexy underwear without anyone knowing, except the one who counts. :happydance:

Hemorrhoids and thongs are not a good combination. :lol:

oooo, I wanna knit that for myself! Great job and I love the color!


That really is beautiful, but, um…, no…I can’t imagine that piece of yarn going, um…well…uh…,…“there”…:aww: lol

You did a great job!!


Um, I’m not a fan of thongs. Think they’re silly and downright uncomfortable. (I’m in the “You want me to put that WHERE??!?” :oo: camp.) So, in my book, the only comfortable thong IS a saggy thong! :lol:

hee hee hee

Yours IS beautiful, though!!


Spoken like a true father!

You really did a GREAT job on it, though! It’s just gorgeous!!!


Oh man, I can barely contain myself thinking about that.
THANKS Merigold


Oh my… :rofl:

Great job never the less! :teehee:

it is lovely
i think my daughter would love this
but i am not making it
but again really nice work