Longtail cast on with present stitches?

Ok…I’m going to try to explain this the best I can…

I’m making the Saartje booties (if this helps?!?)

The pattern now calls for:
K11, co 12 using longtail cast on and second strand of CC as the thumb strand, cut second strand leaving 8" tail.

I’m so freaking confused! :?? How do you cast on (longtail) when there are already stitches present? I have looked at the longtail co video and tried and tried to follow that. But all I get is a huge blob of yarn on my needle.

I hope someone can help!!!

The answer is in your instructions. You use the contrasting color as the other strand that you need for long tail. Then it says to cut it leaving an 8" tail. You’ll have a few ends to weave in later.

Oh my goodness!!! I got it! whoo-hooo!!

Dang i amaze myself sometimes!!!


Glad you figured it out! :thumbsup: