Longies question

Another newbie here! :slight_smile: I’m working on longies for my baby (we cloth diaper). Here’s the pattern:


I’m at the legs, but am confused. It looks like in the pattern that I’m basically decreasing stitches until the leg is long enough, but how do I start the other leg? And this might sound really silly, but it looks small- what I’ve knitted so far looks like just the front of the pants. Am I knitting the back later and then joining them together? (I’m taking this one row at a time right now and looking up what I don’t understand!). Also, should I have used circular needles? TIA!

A quick look at the pattern tells me that you do work them half at a time, but rather that the front and back halves, you work the right and left halves. So each section will create one of the legs and then it’s sewn up the middle.