Longie and Hat Set FO

This set was a custom order for a mama that sent me the yarn. Wow was it fabulouos thick, squishy, and soft wool…I hope I can find out from her what type it is. I made up my own hat pattern and the longies are loosely based on the Belladonna Designs Pattern. The colorway isn’t my fav…all I could think of was the upholstery on an old 70s camper we had :teehee:

Wow! Your own pattern, how talented! I’m sure “mom” will be well pleased with your work!

Lovely set! I see what you about the '70’s colours, but they’re cute anyways.

:thumbsup: They both look great!

Great job. You’re very talented! Keep up the good work.

tee hee 70s camper…very cute though. Her kid won’t get lost on the playground!

Great work! The colors are great, too! Thanks for sharing!!!

Great set!