Long time, no see!

Hey everyone!

I havent been here in what seems like forever! Must be because I havent had a chance to knit in what seems like forever. All because my baby turned into a toddler (18 months old this month) and suddenly became obsessed with my knitting :eyes: For the longest time, the second the needles and yarn came out, he was right there pulling and tugging and generally making it impossible to knit.

So now, all the Christmas knitting I had planned, well, Im not sure how much of it Ill be able to accomplish.

Im working on a set for my niece, the Bella mitts, Bella hat and then a scarf Im making up based on the cable pattern from the others. The hats done and Im well under way on the scarf. Hoping the 2nd set of DPNs I ordered gets here by the time the scarfs finished so I can start the mitts. I think I`m going to try and do both mitts simultaneously… I tend to get bored after just finishing the first one. Second Sock Syndrome but with mitts LOL

Anyway, good to see everyone!

So nice to see you again, Angie! You were missed! Love love love the 3 photos of your handsome sons! All wearing a different color plaid! I love it!

Hi Angie its good to have ya back:)

Welcome back! We had a puppy that was obsessed with yarn … she was like a cat and just LOVED it! LOL We lost her two years ago (Nov 15) due to a major heart murmur at only 14 mos of age. I still miss her terribly and thing about her every time a wind a skein - if I had a “ball” of yarn I was winding into a cake it would roll all over the floor and it made her crazy - she’d have to chase it. I learned to put her outside when I had to wind. LOL Sorry, got off the subject - I guess my point is that we all understand. Welcome back!

:waving: Nice to see you back! I saw two ladies in the mall the other day, each with circular needles. They had a large plastic container, like Gladware or some such thing, with the yarn inside and a hole cut in the top. Perhaps something like that might work until the little guy figures that out, too.

Welcome back Angie! Here’s sending you good knitting vibes your way!!:knitting: :knitting: