Long time no knit

It’s been ages since I last posted on here, probably won’t remember me. LoL.

Anyway I am still totally stuck on my knitting, I’m just not brave enough to venture away from scarves, but it’s getting into spring now and the scarves are getting pretty useless.

I made small mice and filled them with catnip for my kitty and he LOVES it and I really enjoyed doing something different.

I don’t think that I am brave enough to try circular needles so what else is there that isn’t too daunting?

Am I doomed to be a beginner forever haha!

Actually circular needles are easy. get some 16 inch circs, learn to join and make a hat!

Read this: http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall03/FEATtheresa.html

And have fun.

I felt like I was doomed to be a beginner forever as well… But I am okay with my progress now. I still only knit rectangles, but am getting more adventurous. My issue is that I don’t knit on a consistent basis due to time constraints. I am forcing myself to try to knit at least 3 days a week for 30 - 60 minutes wach time. I say ‘forcing’ because although I LOVE to knit, I never make time for it because I have so many responsibilities to attend to. I need to make time for me so that I can advance in my knitting. Don’t worry - you’ll get more proficient in time. Trying something new never hurt anyone. Break out the circs, dpns, and cables and give 'em a whirl!

Don’t be afraid of circulars. They don’t bite and they really expand your knitting options.

I was afraid of circulars too, but find they are so much easier, no needles poking your arm or shoulder and the length of the cables are so varied I would not go back.

I agree - circulars are great to work with and you don’t have to join and knit in the round to use them. You can knit anything on them - just use them like straight needles and knit back and forth. One of the ways I learned new stitches was to knit lots of dish and wash cloths. They’re small and go quickly but don’t have to be perfect. Cotton is inexpensive too. I made lots of these before getting brave enough to venture into a bigger project.

Hey Bug! Of course I remember you!! Hope you are doing well!! I say if you are still enjoying what you are doing, just keep on keeping on! Of course, it does add a little fun and interest to branch out!!

Come by and see us sometime!!

Hi Bug, just an idea. why don’t you buy a circular needle in a large size say 6mm or so and some thin lace or two ply yarn. you could knit up a light weight scarf which if more an accessory than for warmth, or you could use it as a belt and dress up your jeans (if you wear them). that way you will get used to the feel of knitting with the needles before you attempt something on the round.