Long time, no chat

I know, I never post anymore. I still lurk around and read most of them… but I just haven’t been doing hardly any knitting.

I’m still really put off by wool – the touch, the smell… I dunno. Baby hates wool. :rofl:

I’m ok with SOME kinds of acrylics, but only for a short amount of time. I’ve completely gone off opal sock yarn ( :?? ). I know… it sounds crazy! LOL

But I am still around and reading posts. I just don’t have much to say since my body has decided that it wants to go crazy on me and make me have aversions to everything under the sun! :roflhard:

Amazing how those smells and such can get so acute! There are some really cute baby things made from cotton, rayon, tencel, or modal!

Good to “see” you whether your knitting on the outside or only on the inside :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

Don’t worry about it. Just visit as much as you can so you will keep thinking about knitting and when you feel better you can start up again! :heart:

I was just thinking that I hadn’t seen you around in a while…
Good luck with the pregnancy and with the Knitting Aversion!

Have you tried a small project like dish cloths out of cotton? Are those fingers tempted at all?

Blue sky cotton…OMGosh how soft! No more baby acrylics for me. All my baby items will be made with this from now on. Maybe it will put the knitting spark back into your life. The only cotton I’ve ever liked.