Long Time KH-ers

I am HOPING one of you remembers this. A way long time ago there was much conversation about willie warmers. SOMEONE posted a link to a picture of willie warmers that appeared to be worn for some Gay Pride event. Any links that I find from back then, link back to the home page of this forum. Does ANYBODY remember the picture I am speaking of and have a bookmark somewhere of the link? :pray:



I did some searching and found it.:thumbsup:

Here you go. WARNING: This link is NOT family friendly or for those under 18.

:rofl: We were sure quick to find that, huh!!!:rofl::teehee::shifty:


18 minutes from post to last answer… you guys rock, lol

Now… if you’re that fast at answers … how about finding me a Male Bear?


Have a great day!

my goodness you guys rock!..lol. I knew i could count on you guys to find it for me. I have been trying for WEEEEKS (well not constantly that would be weird) but couldn’t find the thread. Thank you soooo much!:happydance:

rofl… that is amusing…

I found a male bear, but I think his weenie warmer is built in.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


oh… tooo funny, lol, :roflhard:

I love it, lol thanks soo much…

P.S. remind me to be very specific when asking for things on this site, lol

Bear Hugs!


I remember when I was younger I was in my loft looking through some boxes and I found a box of my dad’s old army things and in it was a willy warmer my mum had sent to him when he was away!
LoL To this day they don’t know that I know about it. hehe

Wow! Those are very impressive. And I was wondering what to make for the guys on my list for Christmas. Wish I knew how to crochet.

I would love to look at the “links” but am at work and don’t want to get in trouble for surfing the “wrong” sites so it will have to wait til I get home. Meanwhile I’m cracking up and my imagination is going wild!!!