Long- Tailed cast-on question

My pattern says to cast on, then knit the first row. If I use this type of cast-on, do I still need to knit the first row? My understanding was that this cast on alrady has one knitted row built in it.

That’s been a matter of debate. Some people count the cast on as a knit row of stockinette, and some count it as a cast on and the next row as the first row of the pattern.

Personally, I count it as a cast on and then proceed with row 1 of the pattern.

I think you’ll find this informative.

I consider the cast on as just that, the cast on, then the first row in my pattern is what I call row 1… and I (usually) always use the long tail method.

I tailor my choice to the situtation. Generally, I like the way the knit side of the LT c/o for the public side with stockinette. For ribbing, though, I’ve been using tubular c/o for single rib and I alternate knit and purl versions of the LT c/o for double rib.