'Long tail' CO

I finally managed, a week or two ago, to master this.
And then I realised that I haven’t mastered it at all: whilst I can create the cast-on stitches OK, I’m working towards a completed number of them [I]with only the tail left at the knitting end[/I]. In other words, when I finish up, I realise the working end of the wool is at the other end of the needle.
No probs re circular needles, of course: but I’m sure this isn’t what’s meant to happen.
The couple of videos I watched (don’t think they were yours) that enabled me to get the stitches onto the needle didn’t even mention this.
So I need someone to point out the secret, please …

Do check the videos here in KH. You need two ends to work it properly and both the tail end and working yarn will end together.

It IS your video I watched.
And I still don’t understand how to retain both ends at one end!

When you’re doing the long-tail, you are taking the loop that goes around the needle from one strand and the ‘knot’ at the bottom of the needle from the other strand.

I learned from pictures in a book. Maybe these will help.


:?? I’m trying to figure out how you don’t have both ends at the business end of your needle. Maybe you’re actually doing the Backward Loop Cast-On and just using the yarn that goes over your thumb? If that’s the case, your cast on stitches would be hard to work into anyhow. I really hope you get this figured out, the LTCO is handy once you get used to it.

Ah, Ingrid! - you’re a bloody lifesaver, you are!
In the video, you simply don’t see that last, IMPORTANT bit about the working end. The photos are the thing.
Muchas gracias, m’dear!

WOT, GG? - you refer me to a video ah ain’t nevah seen before?
Sighh …
No: I used this video and had no idea of that final and, as I said to Ingrid, important step.
All very well for you experts: you don’t realise how much you know when you’re viewing a video. For we halfwits, every teeny thing unseen is a trap for young (if only!) players.

LOL You, a half-wit? Yeah, right.:roflhard: I’m glad the links Ingrid gave you did the trick. I’d still like to know how you did it. Don’t worry, though, I won’t lose sleep over it.:sleepy:

Don’t mistake me for an expert. I might be intermediate or advanced beginner or beginning intermediate or some such, but not an expert. It wasn’t that long ago I quit looking up a video or something every single time I needed to do the LTCO.

Well, GG …
I understand that Churchill said, after the North Africa campaign, something like:
"This is not the end. Nor is it even the beginning of the end. But I think it is the end of the beginning."
What made me think of that, I wonder …?


I’m no expert either having been knitting only 8 yrs. I’m 60 now so a lot of wasted years when I could have been learning! Better late than never!

I find that I sometimes need a few different videos and/or pictures to learn more difficult techniques so you’re not alone. :thumbsup:

feeling perverse :mrgreen:

How many years does it take to be an expert?

Sorry, I guess I could resist but I don’t want to. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re far and away more advanced, and a much better knitter, than I am. :notworthy: