Long-tail CO video

Hi All - I just watched the long-tail CO video on this site and got a surprise. That’s the CO I always use, except I learned it from a friend who held the needles in the left hand and the yarn in the right. The video says that after the CO row you do a purl row (if you’re doing stocking st) because this CO method creates a knit row - which counts as the 1st row of your pattern! News to me :shock: I’ve just started a new doll dress and I’m looking at the garter st hem - the row following the CO row does look different on one side, but I never thought anything of it before, just considered that to be the WS :stuck_out_tongue: Not that it matters I guess, after all there has to be a WS :slight_smile:

But - in case it ever does matter - if I’m following somebody else’s pattern instead of making up something - since I hold my yarn & needles reversed to the video, would that mean my CO row is a K or a P row?

Technically, the long tail cast on counts as a row (I think k or p as you wish) but in practice, most people consider it the cast on and work the first row of the pattern on the next row.

Calling it a knit row is a new thing, and it doesn’t really look like after the first couple rows anyway. The edge may look a little different in stockinette st and you can do a sampler trying both knit the first row and purl the first row to see fi you like one way bettern than another. For garter stitch, you knit all rows anyway, but you may like how one side looks over the other and you can call that the RS if you want.