Long tail cast on

The pattern asks to cast on 132 sts, how do I determine how long the tail should be?:knitting:

The easiest way to do it for that many stitches is to use two skeins or the yarn from the outside and inside of the ball. - If you normally use a slip knot just tie a slip knot with both strands and put your needle through it. Then you use the two strands to cast on (one over thumb, one over fingers) and when you have enough stitches just cut the yarn from the end you don’t want to knit with and weave that in later. You never run out of tail with this method.

If you don’t want to do it that way you can wrap the yarn around the needles you’ll be using 10 times and then holding both ends of it slip it off the needle and measure out however many lengths you need for the cast on…in your case about 13+ lengths. This works, but not always which when you’re cast on a lot of stitches is annoying. :lol:

Thank you Jan in CA!!! I will try the first method you mentioned. I would’ve never thought of that! I am also in CA at the moment, am house and pet sitting for my daughter.

Wow, Jan, that’s interesting. I’ve never even heard of doing that! Very helpful to know!