Long Tail Cast On

I know why I am so proficient at long tail cast on. It’s from lots of practice. This is the 3rd time of casting on for my new sweater a total of 330 sts…the counting is enough to drive me crazy… and it gets worse…I always count the number twice to make sure I have the right amount of sts. I have taken a break to do something more rewarding… maybe…coloring my hair… hopefully I’ll get that right the first time. shudder!!! :teehee:

When I have to cast on a lot of stitches I put stitch markers every so often…like every 50 stitches. Maybe that will help you, too.

I got the cast on part (no problem) but I kept messing up on the Garter Sts…what is so hard about knit every row…just could not get it right so kept ripping back. I put on 3 sets of 110 sts… so frustrating! Finally put it down and colored my hair…thank heavens that worked out ok…at least it’s not green.
I went back to knitting and am on my way…so far. It’s a lace pattern so you can bet I am using lots of life lines and keeping my fingers crossed…have never done any lace… hope to do at least one. :knitting:

To start lace with 330 stitches is suicide. You’ll get frustrated very much, but the very best of luck to you.
For a lot of stitches, yes, put some markers, I put one every 10 stitches.

I had to rip it out 3 times. I did the cast on part 3 times…330 sts all toll.
The pattern calls for 110 sts. Sometimes things just don’t go right! I am back on track now!

Thanks for your concern!

Happy knitting to all! :knitting:

How much is your repeat for the lace? I would place stitch markers after every repeat or every few repeats so that you can check on yourself to come out right. that will be a great help with your project in general. The life lines are a really good idea, too. Do yourself a favor and don’t rip each one straight out, when you have come to the next. keep one or two as a backdrop. then you can decide how far you go back when needed.

in some lace you can only start to see mistakes once you have gone a good bit further.

Good luck to you and let the needles click away!

Lifelines are a lifesaver. If you have to rip out stitches, you know that if you rip back to the lifeline, exactly where you are. Yarn overs are tough when you rip out. So any help making it easier is nice.

:gah: how frustrating!!