Long-tail cast-on

I recently decided I was going to teach myself how to knit and so am teaching myself as I go along in my soaker pattern for my son.

So my question: I am starting with the long-tail method of cast-on. Got that down. (Yay! The rest…not so pretty…). BUT I noticed as I cast-on, (and because I don’t quite know the language…this may sound funny) that there were two loops on my needle with the first cast-on (not using a slip knot, just starting right away with long-tail). I know that the first cast-on counts as a stitch…but with that method, with two loops right away, does it count as two?!

Do I count loops for stitches or something else?

So when I get to that end when I am doing the ribbing, ending with a knit stitch, do I go through both loops?

Or am I just doing it wrong…please let me know if this makes sense…lol. :slight_smile:


With any cast on (that I know of) you always count the stitches by how many loops are on the needle.Slip knots and other loops at the beginning will count as a stitch just as any other loop on the needle.

You are doing it right if you get two stitches with your cast on when you start.There should be 1.) the loop from pressing your finger down on the needle and 2.)the loop created by the actual cast on(maneuvering the needle through the yarn on your thumb and then index). Every other stitch cast on by this method will only produce one more stitch, but the first [I]does[/I] make two like you’re getting.

The two first stitches don’t need to be treated any different from any other stitch you cast on.Just go by the number of loops on the needle.